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Tony Nesca and Nicole Nesca will be appearing and selling their books at the Envoi Poetry Festival Writing and Publishing Trade Fair during the weekend of May 29-31, 2015 -

The festival will be in Richardson Hall in the MTYP Building -
10 AM - 7pm Friday the 29th, 10am - 7pm on Saturday the 30th, and 10am - 4pm on Sunday the 31st -

Tony Nesca and Nicole I. Nesca Launch Screamin' Skull Press in the U.S.

November 28-29, 3 - 7 PM

At Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis

Book Signing and Personal Appearances By Both Authors -

A sampling of all their books will be available for purchase and signing -

Come meet the writers in person!

             Boneshaker Books is a radical & progressive bookstore located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis - Rockin' Place!

                                                     Boneshaker Books
                                                      2002 23rd Ave. S
                                                        Minneapolis, MN
Tony and Nicole's books now available at WORD Bookstore in Jersey City, USA -

Kamikaze White Noise by Nicole and About A Girl by Tony can be picked up right from their shelves -


                                               123 Newark Ave

                                                        Jersey City, NJ

    Tony and Nicole's books now available at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona, USA -
 Changing Hands Bookstore

6428 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283, United States

Hey Winnipeggers!

We will be peddling our books at the Winnipeg Canzine Indie writers Festival along with a host of other talented, Indie Winnipeg writers -
Check it out!
—University of Winnipeg,
Ridell Hall
October 25, 12 PM - 7 PM
in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tony and Nicole's books now available at Quimby's Books in Chicago, U.S.A

                             1854 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States


Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs 

Crazy Legs is a collection of poems written in Tony Nesca's incendiary white-light/white-heat stream of urban consciousness. Both lyrical and street-tough, often in the same breath, the words cascade down the page in a free-flow waterfall of ideas and happenings and what Nesca himself calls "word music". A romantic, sexually charged discourse on life, Crazy Legs reads like latter-day Beat Poetry, but edgier and much more alive. 

Both my wife, Nicole I. Nesca, and myself are doing a book signing to promote our dual releases and our Indie publishing venture, Screamin' Skull Press, at Mcnally Robinson Bookstore in Winnipeg on May 28, 2:00 to 4:00 PM, 2011

As some early promo, Mcnallly Robinson has stocked our entire backlist of books from both myself and Nicole, as well as our new releases, so go out and get them while they last!Here's the description to our new releases:

 HoboHobo is the sixth novel of underground writer Tony Nesca, a rambunctious, rebellious drunk-happy love story about a struggling writer who moonlights as a Night Watchman at a college located right in the middle of the ghetto. His wife is also a writer and together they publish their books and live a dual life of family and home with late night bohemian living, the whole time surrounded by an array of street-people, broke artists, and other fringe-dwellers. Sexually frank and charged with humor and desperation, Hobo is a unique work, a gritty celebration of life, love and individuality, written in Nesca’s classic free-flow-lyric, with words, ideas and sentences that go on for pages, alive and beautiful and unapologetic.

PhotobucketKamikaze White Noise is a collection of three books by Nicole I. Nesca, The Sexual Repression Collection, Kink and Canned. Though not a formal trilogy, the books were written as companion pieces and follow the themes of sexual freedom, emotional frankness and street-carnival logic, all written with Nicole Nesca’s usual free-flowing sardonic wit. Kamikaze White Noise is prose and poetry that assaults the senses, liberates the mind and celebrates life on the edge like a perfect quarter-mile drag race.